Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Illustration Round-up

Happy Mother's Week! - We do get a whole week don't we? :) I've been so fortunate to meet some really talented illustrators this past year. What makes our relationship even more unique is that we can all relate to the challenges of being a creative entrepreneur and mothers all at the same time. That is really hard to find in traditional social circles (I'm not sure I would ever accidentally bump into another illustrator in my neck of the woods!) I say all that time, we are so blessed to be in a time where we can work at home if we wish, with our kids, maintain all our clients, and also be able to participate in a social community with others, who share similar career choices, through online networks.

Keep up the beautiful work ladies. For all the mamas out there, please be so very proud of your family you are raising, and the exhausting work it takes to keep it all together. <3

"Elephant Train" by 3 Bears Studio (Rachel Davidson)
Rachel's happy artwork always gets a smile out of me. She also has an Etsy shop {here}

by Jill Howarth Illustration
Jill is a master of sweet artwork and whimsical hand lettering.


by Beth Anne Maresca
Beth's illustrations are soft and sweet. Her adorable artwork for children is also for sale on Etsy {here}

"Little Ducklings Swim Class" by Yellow Doodle (Noopur Thakur)
Noopur is an experienced pattern designer who recently found her exceptional talent in children's illustration.

{How SWEET!}

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  1. This is great! Thank you so much for adding my elephants.:)